Sports Conditions

Whether you are a weekend warrior, professional athlete or just enjoy being recreational sports, you don’t have to hang around the gym very long before you hear someone talk about “tweaking” or “rolling” an ankle.

In fact in sports, the ankle joint is the most commonly injured joint. Approximately 70% of basketball players have sprained an ankle, and the likelihood of re-injury is as high as 80%.

Lateral ankle sprains account for 90% of all ankle injuries, whereas an ankle fracture occurs only approximately 15% of the time.

Our feet and ankles were expertly designed to bear a normal load for walking, lifting and supporting our upright nature. We stretch the normal boundaries of what our feet were designed to do when we add jumping, rapid rotations and increased muscular stress - all regular occurrences when participating in sports. 

We pride ourselves in our commitment to understand the goals and motivation of “driving” individuals in their sports or performance activities. Our goal is safe restoration of function, as well as minimizing and preventing re-injury.