Teresa Fuxa
International Flight Attendant


Being an international flight attendant, I literally walk across the ocean 2-3 times a week. When my feet started hurting, I turned to Dr. Smith through a very trusted referral and I am so glad I did.

Dr. Smith is a very skilled, confident, and trustworthy surgeon.  Not having any idea what could be causing all of my pain, She practically answered my questions before I even finished asking.  This is where the knowledge of her skill comes into play.  She is always spot on with what the issue is and how to correct it. Being a great communicator, she takes the time to explain the diagnosis, the procedure to correct, as well as the recovery, even drawing pictures if necessary.

She, her office staff and assistants are very reliable and punctual.  I can't recall, from all of my visits, ever having to sit in the waiting room for more than 5 minutes.

I have great respect for her skills and talent and will always be the advocate for her that she is for me. I highly recommend her if you are having any issues with your feet, from a bent toe, to bunions, to arthritis. She is the bomb-diggity and will always be who I turn to, to keep me flying on my feet!

Thanks to you, Dr. Smith, I am soaring again!!!

With much gratitude,

Teresa Fuxa

Chris Harris
Tap Dancing Grandmother and a Preacher's Wife


I have been a tap dancer since I was 6 years old.  I love to dance and as an adult I found a group of ladies, most over 60, who tap dance at North Park Mall. I began having pain in my foot and did not know why.  My favorite niece is a nurse.  She referred me to Dr. Sheri Smith to determine the problem. 

I was so impressed with Dr. Smith and all of her staff.  They all made me feel like family.  From the x-ray technologist to the cast tech, they were so kind and I appreciate them all so much for their care.

Dr. Smith was absolutely wonderful and explained to me, that due to my rheumatoid arthritis, the best course of treatment to fully eliminate my pain would be to fuse one of the joints in my foot.  The surgery was completed late last year at Community Hospital.  Dr. Smith did an exceptional job and you can’t even see the scar on the top of my foot.  I was non-weight bearing in a cast and a boot for 3 months while the bones healed but now I am pain free and feel great!

The end of my recovery coincided with the COVID outbreak so we are unable to tap dance right now.  But I cannot wait for the day that I can get back together with all of my friends and tap, tap, tap away.

Thank you Dr. Sheri Smith.  Because of you I can hit the dance floor once again and I am ready to go!

Kristen Terrell
Homemaker, Church Community Volunteer


8 years ago I was doing triathlons and lived a very active lifestyle. My husband and our 3 children (twin girls, one with special needs, and a boy) played golf, swam, skied, ran, etc…6 years ago I started having trouble with plantar fasciitis, which quickly escalated to the point I could no longer do triathlons, and could barely walk most days. I couldn’t even swim as I couldn’t push off the wall and had such horrible cramps in my feet the entire time. I was in excruciating pain all day and night. It didn’t matter if I was sitting or standing, I was I pain! It made it very hard to take care of my family and me.

Initially I went to 2 other doctors; in addition to the plantar fasciitis I was diagnosed with 9 stress fractures, a chipped bone in my heel, and I’ve been treated for bursitis, tarsal tunnel and Morton’s neuroma. I practically lived in a boot for 3 years and yet nothing helped for long.

A friend in the medical field recommended Dr. Sheri Smith and I was so thrilled with how I was treated by her and her staff, including Jennifer Burns, her PA-C! Dr. Smith and Jennifer were very thorough in their examinations.  After some treatment and physical therapy we ultimately determined I needed a neurectomy (removal of an inflamed nerve) and a joint resection. The surgery was a great success and took care of all the pain issues! I was in a tennis shoe two weeks after surgery and it has healed beautifully!

I am finally able to swim, walk and bike without pain! I have a life again! It’s so great to be a part of my family, instead of watching from the sidelines!

I’m very grateful to Dr. Sheri Smith! I highly recommend Dr. Smith and her staff  to anyone who is having foot/ankle issues!

Johnny Cook
Race Car Builder

johnny.jpgHello, my name is Johnny. When I was sixteen I received major injuries in a car accident. Mostly my legs, compound fracture to my left lower leg, both knees damaged, and in my right lower leg many nerves were damaged which caused my ankle to have very limited ability to move well. Thirty-four years of dragging that foot wore it out.

Over time, a non-weight-bearing bone used to stabilize the ankle had rolled inward placing weight on it causing a stress fracture and a lot of pain! I went back to the original surgeon who had successfully repaired my knees so many years before. He looked at the ankle he said "OH NO NOT ME!!! You need to see Dr. Smith".

Dr. Smith gave me the options and we made some informed decisions which turned into a great life-changing event. After the surgery I was very grateful! I was finally without the pain I had lived with for years!

Despite being free of the constant ankle pain, after just a few weeks I sat in a chair depressed about what I felt I still couldn't do- I had been told "NO WEIGHT ON THAT LEG!" for a prescribed duration. I'm a car guy who races and works on other racers' cars---and I couldn't play!  I was feeling so down. A really fun part of my life seemed gone and beyond me.

But I decided there was something I could do. I could do alot from a wheel chair. In fact, I could do anything- just not as fast.  After just a few weeks I was able to use a scooter, and later I  was able to fully pursue my passion thanks to Dr Sheri M. Smith and her staff at OSSO.  They returned me my life.